Coronavirus Food Response Texting Service

April 30 2020 update: No Kid Hungry is no longer soliciting data submissions for emergency food distribution sites through the portal. This change is reflective of our team's success in securing more comprehensive USDA and state agency datasets in recent weeks and the resultant ability to shift away from the contributions of individual users. Since the early days of this crisis, verified users have played a vital role in the ongoing process of improving and iterating upon the texting hotline to provide relevant and timely information to parents and caregivers. Many thanks to the dozens of individuals and organizations who have made this work possible and supported the provision of meal site information to more than 80,000 users nationwide since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Moving forward, please report inaccuracies in results provided by the texting hotline to our team at and notify your state agency so they can implement a permanent solution.